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The capital has some fine wooden architecture such as the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, plus synagogues, Hindu temples and mosques.

Together with neighbouring reserves in Brazil, it makes up the world's largest protected tropical forest.Going west, the coast road ends at Parika, where you board a boat to travel along a river the colour of milky coffee to Bartica.To delve deeper, you need help from an adventure operator, to be led safely to a lost world of mountains, savannahs, rivers and waterfalls.In Georgetown, the road to the Suriname border passes through Success, Paradise, Profit and Whim.It leads to a corner of South America that is forever Dutch, though enriched with all manner of ethnic origins – from West Africa, former colonies in today's Indonesia and even a corner of Indochina.Rock View Lodge (, near Annai, offers wildlife painting and photography, birding and access to Surama and Iwokrama; double rooms cost US$250 (£167), all inclusive.

In Suriname, two reserves protect nesting sites for five species of turtles: Wia-Wia, with accommodation at Matapica beach, and Galibi, with lodging at Warana Lodge (tours and accommodation to both through Stinasu, 97;

Other Guyane reserves include Amana, north of St-Laurent, where marine turtles nest.

On the river Maroni, JAL-Voyages (20; runs boat tours lasting four or five days from St-Laurent to Maripasoula, price €575.

On the Coppename estuary, Coppename Monding Nature Reserve protects shorebird colonies, mangrove and other swamps, but most significant is the Unesco-listed Central Suriname Nature Reserve (CSNR), covering almost one-10th of the country.

The van Blommesteinmeer, or Brokopondo reservoir, one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, is also a great place for wildlife.

In Suriname ( the Dutch, with their tradition of draining swampy land, have built a new Amsterdam in the shape of Paramaribo.