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6520 speedstream updating

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Speedstream drivers are tiny programs that enable your Speedstream hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

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They won't,they'd rather you part with more cash to make another purchase instead,but yeah if you use an older win OS as the others have mentioned,see if you can borrow a friends pc or what not to do the upgrade,should be fine then!The Vo IP not working isn't the routers fault, it's the fault of someone insisting that the firmware engineers put in a brick wall for Vo IP stuff.I'll leave the rest of the details out so as to nurture this conspiracy theory :) Thanks for your responses and advice.Using outdated or corrupt Speedstream drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.Furthermore, installing the wrong Speedstream drivers can make these problems even worse.The upshot was I went out and bought a new D-link modem router which will hopefully last for a few years.

Hi I have Got speedstream 6520 with these configurations Series: 6520firmware: 004-E752-A64Build: 91-47Config: 003-a193-G02DSL: a3.Config part number: 003-a193-G02Config description: UAE Simple Routerwireless: Rev got the latest firmware update "Update_E752_AF5_106-71_a056_v1s.exe" "BIGPOND" form » ··· Sie6520/but the upload was not done "the firmware update failed with the following error:filename: 004-E752-AF5.img425 can't open data connection"please help me , is the router lucked? [email protected] doubt you will find any "update" for your UAE Simple Router/Modem.

The firmware you tried to install is for the Australian 6520 used by the Bigpond ISP in Australia.

You would likely need to contact your ISP for any Firmware Upgrades, and trying Firmware from other countries may not be a good idea not knowing what they block like Bigpond Firmwares are setup to block SIP Phones and other Vo IP protocols/Doctor olds; I just wanted to update the router to a standard and better firmware version regardless the service provider configurationsjust to obtain improvement in its wireless problems..etcis it available by the main manufacturer "tellestra"??

It turns out Bell has crippled the interface, disabling many options, such as Dynamic DNS support.

I couldn't find a Siemens original firmware to upload but I found a solution.

The Speed Stream 6520 is an ADSL1/2/2 wireless router with one RJ-11 WAN port, four 10/100Mbps LAN ports and a single USB port. The integrated access point complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g standards, providing wireless transmission speeds of up to 54Mbps. This router features a built-in SPI firewall to protect the network against hackers and Denial of Service (Do S) attacks.