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Ace and mallory real world dating

Season 13, Episode 15September 2, 2003Adam is smitten with a girl whom he spends all of his money on; Ace and CT worry that the girl is using Adam.

Also: Christina contemplates changing rooms; and Ace frets about Christina moving out.Season 13, Episode 14August 23, 2003Ace's girlfriend from back home arrives for a visit.Ace is immediately put-off when she refers to him as her “kind-of boyfriend”; and he later gets in a drunken argument with a cab driver.Season 13, Episode 7July 2, 2003For their Frommer's job, the housemates must review different shopping districts and stores in Paris.Meanwhile, Adam meets a woman at a club, but the morning after isn't as much fun as the night before."From what we've seen, the cast has been welcomed by the locals and has enjoyed its time exploring the city." But, he said, the primary focus is on the skeletons, and the drama, in the house.

The roommates are given a trip all over Europe and they choose the French Riveria, cities in Italy, and Switzerland.

Season 13, Episode 2June 3, 2003In the 13th season premiere, the “seven strangers” travel to their new home, which is located in a Parisian suburb.

The cast members include hunky Ace, 23; flirty Leah.

Season 13, Episode 9July 15, 2003Adam meets a Canadian gal to whom he's attracted.

Also: Christina turns in an assignment ahead of the others, causing dissension within the group; a group project is assigned.

CT turns in an incomplete assignment and no one on the staff is going to get full pay.