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Adult chat with avatars

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You can move the viewing area and see what other people are saying and doing without them knowing you are there. You can also move instantly from one area to another by teleporting.

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To get the best gaming experience you need a good computer and a fast internet connection.Second Life is a good environment for virtual relationships.It offers an easy platform for avatar animations, such as dancing.But once you learn how to do it, your avatar can be modified very precisely and you get a very natural look. You can only move to certain spots inside the rooms.If you don't want to do it yourself, you can buy individual avatar parts or even whole avatars. Well actually, some places are not rooms, but open areas, like beaches.A whisper function enables you to have a private conversation with another person.

VIP account is 10 dollars monthly, although the actual prize is about five dollars, because VIPs get 5000 credits per month.

Second Life is the most popular free virtual world for adults.

It is a great place for chatting with friends and meeting new people.

By default you can access general and moderate content.

If you want to view adult content and areas, you need to verify your age.

You can do pretty much anything, if you are creative enough (or just buy custom solutions to your needs).