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These are the characteristics of a true entrepreneur.Have you ever imagined yourself to be a superhero and tried to wear your briefs over your pants and tried to save the world? I am a 90s kid, pure desi who grew up watching , pointing a finger towards the sky and rotating 360 degrees was more me.

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I believe whoever comes on the silver screen becomes immortal, we have lost so many legends in past but because good movies have that charm to connect with its audience by heart, actors stay with us forever. (animatedly) It was a pleasure to have you on LTFW…I would rather watch an already seen movie again than going out to party.My favorite genres are comedy and thriller or something that can keep me on the edge of my seat.Wish you all the best for Yoola and may you have a great year ahead Sam! There were these auditions going on for a Disney show called ‘Dhoom Machao Dhoom’, I tested for a part on a whim, got the role and the rest, as they say, is history. ” So my advice would be to watch a film for its story, script, and performances and not for the music or the locations it’s been shot at! My film ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ is premiering at the BFI London Film Festival so I’m really looking forward to that. I have one of my favorite actors and a very good friend who does not need anymore introduction – Sumeet Vyas talking all about being filmy. A movie dialogue you tend to use often or comes to your mind now? Watch as many movies as u can and if you are an actor then stakes are much higher. Today I am featuring yet another friend who comes from a different field altogether – Standup Comedy. I convinced him by spinning a yarn about shaving my head because I’m learning Sanskrit in a gurukool every summer vacation. So I began winning prizes for elocution, craft and dramatics. She sang ‘Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaaya’ and I was mesmerised. It’s only because our society is filled with unfulfilled desires and dreams that there is resentment.Thank you and wish you all the best for your next book Alfie The Elf… Yes it is and like movie piracy, please do not ask a free copy from any author (winks) Arre nahi, I will be buying my copy, recently, then you would not have missed the vivacious and goofy Chanchal the sister of Chandan and Chitwan. For a non-Bollywood family, my sister and I grew up on a fairly filmy diet. I remember them showing us ‘Sound of music’, ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘My fair lady’ as kids. Your breakthrough role that made viewers sit up and notice you? Although the film didn’t do well at the box office, I’d get great reviews. I’ve done a few ads which should be coming on air soon. Sumeet, not many people know the filmy side of yours and therefore, here is the first googly question to you – What kind of movies you love to watch & how many in a day can you watch? Hmmm (takes a deep breath and animatedly thinks for a moment) Well… Twisted family films and rom-com’s are my favorites. We don’t normally use any film dialogue in real life unless the situation is funny but once I do remember I bought shoes and they had to be delivered to my house and telling a store manager my name as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan after writing this name on the bill he paused and said “you are joking, right sir? Yes, we have Satish Perumal who left his comfy job as a Brand Services Director at Mullen Lowe Lintas Group to become a full-time Standup Comedian. When did you realize that you are different from the other kids? Most kids experiment with all sorts of ideas in school. If I didn’t get along with some, I got along with some others. I ran back stage to find her, but she disappeared into a large group. And while I understand their resentment, I also believe they have no right to meddle with my life. As long as we are not hurting another, resenting another, we are good. The more we remain hidden, the more that people will imagine weird ideas about us. That’s why we must be ourselves before them, so they can see that we are not some alien creatures from another planet. You may say, how does one do that, when homosexuality is still considered a crime?Today on Let’s Talk Films With, I have one of my older associates and now a dear friend Sameer K Singh who is the Founder of Yoola.

A fellow filmy guy and the biggest fan of Akshay Kumar, let’s hear what he has to say about his ‘Filmyness’.

But as you go deep into it, there can be no better motivational character than Bhuvan as an Entrepreneur.

The character goes against all odds, builds a team, leads it till the end and wins because of team work, belief and his determination and of course a little luck .

I love all kinds of movie except horror films hahaha get too scared! A movie dialogue you tend to use often or comes to your mind now? Hahaha Any filmmaker you would want to maroon in an island for making crappy movies? Would you being in the movie field help you to educate the society about equal rights through your creative work? If you look at my filmography, especially in the last 6-7 years, all the films I’ve been associated with have highlighted an important social issue. It was a pleasure having you on our chat series, I wish you all the luck in all your future creative endeavors where I will be featuring people from various walks of life talking about their tryst with films and their filmy side.

I can and have watched three/four movies back to back. Bandini, Sujata, Chandni, Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Prestige ! ‘Jalpari’ addressed female infanticide, ‘Shahid’ was about how our justice system was being abused to push a communal agenda. I’m also writing a semi autobiographical film that I might direct. And to start with I have one of my dear friends Ajay Makhija who renounced the comforts of a city life and has become a recluse.

Yes please, if possible, let’s sponsor a one-sided ticket for the maker of , it was such a disaster that I still can’t forget the trauma after so many years of its release. 2) Not all movies are same and comparing two different movies isn’t right. The first word I learned to speak was Chitrahaar!!! What is the most bizarre movie you have ever watched? Movies are a state of trance for me & I would want to be in that state for as long as I can be . However, if I am provided with that kind of power I would most certainly want to save the world from coming atrocities and dangers. I sucked at Maths & Physics but excelled in languages & history. But after you hit rock bottom, you should start climbing up again. When did you decide to support the LGBTQ cause and where do you think it will lead in the future? There is my truth and my right to live my truth with dignity.