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Age of conan updating local files

age of conan updating local files-25

More Information Will clear and repeat a spell timer when it hits zero if it has "repeat" or "repeat combat" as the tooltip entry.

age of conan updating local files-70

Data is displayable in a sortable/exportable table interface.More Information -mineeme-The Armory Tracker plugin is designed to be an extension of the Dragon's Armory website.The first release includes support to track loot drops in Everquest 2.(Available for EQ2 English-German-French) More Information Volte provides ingame and out-of-game displays of parses and timers.It also provides remote access to parses and timers via message channels.If your group or raid members 'say' a trigger phrase that references the companion spell when they cast an ascension spell, the plugin can give an audio and/or visual alert if your class can attempt a combo by casting the companion spell.

More Information -mineeme-Chromatics is a plugin for Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) which connects Final Fantasy XIV (and other ACT compatible games) with Razer Chroma, Logitech & Corsair RGB devices.

ACT users can create channels for Volte clients to listen on.

Remote users receive the ingame overlay displays, out-of-game windows, and/or voice callouts .. More Information This run-once plugin has the ability to download the Microsoft utility Handle, scan for open eq2log file handles and have ACT open the log file.

More Information -Brylcream- A plugin that allows you to auction items while still being closely focused on the raid.

Automatically generates channel messages based on the bids you get , advances and finishes auctions up to including sending tells to the winner all this using only 1 button.

Personal dps parse tracking for better character analysis is in the works.