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Age play dating

Once work ends and I can be myself I will never leave a store without first visiting the toy isle.In the same way, When I am at work or around other people I cannot allow myself to cry if someone is mean to me or even annoyed with me but when it’s only me and Daddy, or we are around close friends, I am free to break down and cry whenever anything hurts my feelings. Age players change the way they act in order to fulfil a specific role for a session.

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To these people, their natural personality has nothing to do with it and being a babygirl or little is not part of who they are, it is only a hat that they wear for a short period o time to have fun.First and foremost, the terms are not interchangeable and they have nothing to do with each other really.Despite the fact that at a glance they can sometimes seem similar, there are huge differences.I’m going to use this article to highlight and illustrate the differences between DD/lg and age play and why I am a babigirl/little and not an age player.Who you are Vs playing the part This is the biggest discerning difference between littles and age players.Littles can, at times and if it is something they like to do, age play but even after their age playing session they will still retain certain childlike personality traits and behaviours.

For age players it is all about the age play session and they do not retail any of childlikeness outside of the session.

How little she is or how many of her little traits/behaviours she allows out is governed by her mood and environment.

On the opposite end of the scale, an age player can pick a child age and immediately act that age in any given mood or environment at will.

This entry was posted on February 27, 2014, in Littles, My Experiences, The DD/lg lifestyle and tagged adult baby girl, adult babygirl, baby girl, babygirl, Babygirl Wordpress, Daddy, Daddy Dom, Daddy Dom and little girl, Daddy Dom Little Girl, DD/lg, DD/lg blog, DD/lg lifestyle, DD/lg relationship, Little, Little Girl, Little Space, littles. When it comes to BDSM and D/s there are so many facets it can become confusing for an outside or a newbie to differentiate and understand the many nuances that set each facet apart.

One such confusion is that between the DD/lg lifestyle and Age Play.

My inner little is always with me, whether I am at work, in a store, alone at home. I don’t pretend to be a child for a set time period during a scene, I am ALWAYS a child at heart.