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The sculpture is made up of four sections, three of which have been solved.(To view the original text of the puzzle, click here.) The fourth section of the piece has confounded both professional and amateur cryptographers.

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A children’s rights group in the Netherlands created a computer-generated girl named Sweetie for a sting operation that busted 1,000 online predators trying to exploit young girls in webcam sex chat rooms.Measuring around 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) in diameter and containing some 45 symbols repeated throughout the artifact, the pottery disk contains a mix of figures resembling humans, plants, weapons and animals.Since its discovery, the authenticity of the Phaistos Disk has been questioned by some archaeologists who argue it's a forgery.And we think we can create a learning environment that capitalizes on a single gender experience," he said.Rathgeber is now working on building an online school for boys.In addition to her classes in school, Green took an online advanced placement psychology course through Online School For Girls.

She sa Id the experience was different from a regular classroom.

“I actually thought it was a lot easier to say your thoughts because there weren’t any eyes looking at you like there are in a classroom. There were a lot of projects, though, where we had to video chat with girls or you had to text girls," she said.

Marlborough School’s Stuart Posin said partnering with Online School for Girls gives students opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Evidence suggests, however, that the text couldn't date much further back than around 700 years ago.

You'd think it would take a world-class cryptographer to create the four hidden messages embedded in Kryptos, a sculpture that resides on the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency.

But there is growing interest in an all girls’ online school.