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Scottsdale became a small market town providing services for families involved in the agricultural industry.

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) is a city in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona, adjacent to the Greater Phoenix Area. Scottsdale, 31 miles long and 11.4 miles wide at its widest point, shares boundaries with many other municipalities and entities. You’ve entered Jewish Tucson, the website that connects you to every corner of our rich and diverse Jewish community, both in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona.You are only clicks away from a community-wide Calendar, links to our synagogues, agencies, and programs. Thursday, March 23, at the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, 122 E. Olivia, a third-grader at Pardes Jewish Day School, came up with the idea of having a Mensch Bench for fellow students who might be feeling a little lonely during recess. resize=300,400" style="width: 300px" / Olivia Feldman, a third-grader at Pardes Jewish Day School, sometimes felt a little lonely during recess and realized that other classmates might feel that way, too, so she decided to do something about it. resize=390,273" style="width: 390px" / As a statement of gratitude for the community support he received after a car accident, Rabbi Yosef Garcia will present a talk, “Crypto Jews/Hispanic Sefardi: The Hidden Jews Among Us,” 7- p.m.resize=300,225" / Combining fun and fundraising has been a successful strategy for Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood for over 20 years.

Two hundred participants played mah-jongg, canasta, rummy cube, Mexican train, scrabble and board games at this year’s Card Party, “Get Your Game On,” held Feb.

but due to an economic downturn, neither was built.

Between 19, due to the construction of the Granite Reef and Roosevelt dams (in 19, respectively), Scottsdale's population experienced a boom, growing steadily during those years.

Called the Jokake Inn, meaning "mud house," the structure still stands on the grounds of the world-famous Phoenician Resort.

The Depression years saw an influx of artists and architects to Scottsdale, which included, in 1937, the internationally renowned Frank Lloyd Wright.

When local author Marcia Fine writes historical fiction, she immerses herself in the characters to the point of dreaming about them.