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Kaufmann A50, the single most important (almost) complete European manuscript of the Mishna, and it is our hope that this edition will benefit both researchers in Rabbinic language and culture, as well as those members of the wider public who have an interest in classical Jewish texts. ’ This is a much better question to ask than ‘How many religions are there in China?

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Professor Roel Sterckx is studying how farming life influenced the political and social ideologies that shaped the Chinese empire.In the following decades, distinct communities associated with people’s country of origin developed nationwide, despite laws passed by Congress limiting the flow of immigrants from Asia into the country.Amidst a swelling tide of activism during the 1960s, AAPI communities decided that they needed to band together as a cohesive voice in order to speak out against injustice.This Faculty prides itself on exploring these fields through the local languages and encourages students to learn through real world engagement.If you are interested in these world regions and want to discover their languages, cultures, histories, religions, and politics, then this is the home for you.But how these layers were interpreted depended on who was looking: European or Ottoman travellers, or the muezzin of Athens.

Read more Cambridge has a long and distinctive tradition in the study of the Middle East and Asia.

Read more Over the last twenty years Professor Geoffrey Khan, together with his Ph D students and post-doctoral researchers, has been undertaking a major project to document all of the North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic dialects.

Some of the dialects are now spoken by only a handful of people and some have become extinct over the last few years.

Read more Over the course of the academic years 2016-2019, the Hebrew philology group at FAMES will host a research project sponsored by the AHRC.

The title of the project is: A Diplomatic Edition of Mishna-Codex Kaufmann (A50).

The core project team consists of Dr Michael Rand (PI), Dr Aaron Horkohl (Co-I) and Dr Shai Heijmans (Researcher), and in the years 2017-2019 we also expect to be joined by a second Researcher.