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Australian internet dating scams

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Scammers will often ask you to send money via a wire transfer service - you will usually be unable to recover money sent this way.

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He was soon to be paid but asked Jessica to advance him $1200 by wire transfer to help with his hotel bill.Australians were scammed out of around AUS$82 million (US$66 million) during 2014, with online dating fraud accounting for the biggest losses, reports The figures courtesy of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) show that more than 91,000 scam complaints were received last year, with one in ten victims tricked out of more than AUS$10,000 (US$8,000).In this case, you would not receive safety warnings from us, and it would make it more difficult for us to detect them.Long distance relationships are part of online dating success, and this can happen.Martin's profile said that he was an Australian, but stationed in Ghana as an aid worker. Martin's photo showed that he was attractive, well-dressed but not too formal. Martin's interests were not very specific but of a type that fitted with Jessica's own, namely sports and other outdoor activities.

Both were after a serious relationship and looking for a warm and loving partner.

It's important to consider your relationship with anyone who asks you to move communications away from RSVP onto email, instant messaging, the phone, voice over IP or another medium after only a few contacts.

Scammers will often ask you to do this so that you will be communicating directly with them, and may be more likely to reveal personal information.

After several months Jessica felt that she could tell Martin anything and Martin confessed his love for her.

Soon afterwards, Jessica received an email from Martin claiming that he had been mugged and lost his wallet.

This was the top category in the ACCC’s report, followed by get-rich-quick investment schemes, says NDTV Gadgets.