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Read Applying Formatters to learn how to use it or have a look at the sources: Moin Moin/formatter/, Moin Moin/formatter/text_A macro is a mechanism for incorporating dynamic content in the middle of page output.A macro definition usually includes a small number of parameters, and is used to output information which is processed and/or formatted when the page is accessed.

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This version hasn't been tested for long time, but seems stable so far. The modified vesion is here: Moin IIS_for_1.5into Moin before importing some from Moin MOin., : Soundmanpt posted to Nearsightings , : varifocals posted to Going Without Glasses , : Soundmanpt posted to Acuity and Prescription II , : Cactus jack posted to Strong Glasses , : Plus T posted to Multifocals for Presbyopia and other conditions , : Danny posted to Low Vision , : Michael posted to Minus Dude's Borrowed Glasses Tales , : PF posted to Frame Style and Personality , : posted to Julian's jottings , : Crystal Veil posted to Nostalgia , : Pseldonymov posted to Athletes , : posted to Collectible Eyewear , : Eye Tri posted to When I was at school...Error: (DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your My SQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 at lib/line 1878.The culprit is in the finish method, where it sets the response to "200 Ok" if the response has not been set.Each wiki data directory has a plugin directory, which is a Python package.You may decide that you don't want to use TMDA on your primary address, but would still like to set aside a secondary address which does.

This would be useful not only for testing purposes, but also for using in public forums such as newgroups and mailing lists where the "harvesting" potential is high.

The System Info (or the Macro Manager) page should not only list the available modules, but also present a brief description of what the macro does along with a usage() of some sort.

All this should be dynamically generated, not maintained through the wiki pages. Note: this is a Feature Requests (see item #13: Self-Documenting Extensions) -- The Anarcat 2004-07-16 Is there any infrastructure that allows more complicated "extension" type development?

A formatter provides to Moin Moin an interface for outputting standard document elements.

Parsers, macros and processors should use this interface, rather than directly outputting HTML, so that the document can be delivered to the client in any supported output format.

BTW, the reasoning behind the icon used is based on the idea that a Wiki Wiki Web is created by a team effort of several people.