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Beth 25 star sign pisces lives clapham south london

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It's a pair of Fish that represents Pisces, a symbol that prompts others to suggest that these people 'go with the flow' and 'don't make waves.' Both of these labels are true, since Pisces are fluid and easy-going, in keeping with the Mutable Quality assigned to this sign.The fact that two fish (as opposed to one) represent the members of this sign also speaks to the duality of Pisces, their yin and yang sensibility.

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That said, they won't stay away for long, since one of their primary goals is to help others.Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and it is also the final sign in the zodiacal cycle.Hence, this sign brings together many of the characteristics of the eleven signs that have come before it.They are compassionate, easily feeling another's pain.At times, however, Pisceans can have difficulty distinguishing fact from fantasy; they tend to get caught up in their dreams and views of how things should be.The intuition of the Pisces-born is highly evolved.

Many people associate Pisces with dreams and secrets, and it's a fair association, since those born under this sign feel comfortable in an illusory world.

The pairing of these two heavenly bodies results in some unique energies being directed toward Pisces here on Earth.

Those born under this sign are spiritually oriented and charitable.

Soothing comfort comes in a world colored in purple and soft white.

When it comes to the game of love, Pisces are caring and romantic and a most creative mate.

Pisces, however, are happiest keeping many of these qualities under wraps.