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The lenses in a scope can be generally divided into three groups: the objective lens group; the erector lens group; and the ocular (or eyepiece) lens group.Depending on the particular design there may be one or more individual lenses in each group within a scope.The erector lens group gets its name from its role in inverting the first intermediate image, which would appear inverted (ie.This invention relates to variable power sighting scopes, and in particular to a scope that provides magnification zoom ratios greater than are currently feasible.A rifle scope serves to magnify the target and overlay a visual aiming point, the reticle, on the target.Because it’s years living here, i've p2 last forever 110 dating time never ever tried one boy in past and wanted.

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I run Surf, Yoga, and Adventure retreats for women primarily in Nicaragua, but also sometimes El Salvador, Costa Rica, and other awesome interesting locations around the world.

We specialize in providing you a hassle-free, but adventure-heavy experience where you can learn to surf or improve your existing skills, do yoga, interact with the local community in a positive way, and push beyond your comfort level to come away feeling energized, inspired, and empowered.

upside down and flipped horizontally) to a viewer, so that the image will appear “erect” or upright to the viewer.

Because of this role, any lens or other optical device that inverts an intermediate image will be termed an erector device or assembly in this application.

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