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Can cheerleaders dating football players

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But when the scale still showed 127 pounds on game day, I was pulled from the performance, even though my family had driven eight hours from my hometown to see me cheer.

One day, I was told to go to a preordained salon and pay out of my own pocket to have my hair dyed a different color, one that they'd chosen for me. My natural hue made me look "too ethnic." My half-white, half- Latina jaw nearly hit the floor.Zack Craig, an Oklahoma State senior safety, is a very lucky young man.Jordan Daigle, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, was watching the Oklahoma State – Oklahoma on November 24th last year when she saw Craig go to midfield for the coin toss. Her friend went online, looked up Craig on Twitter and made her follow him.We could be pulled from cheering at a game if we showed up with curls when management had mandated straight hair (even if pouring rain guaranteed that a girl's naturally wavy hair would coil back up after mere seconds) or if our skin looked too pale, sunburned, or orangey from fake tanning.Though I was once told I was getting too tan, I generally managed to keep my sun damage to the right hue..I have permanent leopardlike discolored spots on my back to show for it.I heard that there where some rules in the NFL against players dating cheerleaders, but I've seen a few players who were dating/married to cheerleaders....

Is this with certain football teams, or in general.

Eventually, I had not just the six-pack abs they wanted, but visible ribs and dangerously low body fat to boot.

It's inevitable: When you put 35 hungry, pretty girls together, reality-show levels of drama ensue.

Understandably, Craig wasn’t immediately certain a Cowboys cheerleader looked him up online out of the blue.

(Keeping in mind this was before Manti Te’o introduced college football to catfishing.) From the Tulsa World: He asked his older sister, Mallory, an OSU grad student: “Do you think this girl is real?

I would get up early and sit in the gym's steam room for hours in hopes of sweating out a few extra ounces.