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The milieu turns dark and shadowy as innocence turns to evil.

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For more information about Avatars, have a wander round Wikipedia.Other sites allow interaction, chat and games; but the more advanced sites are more virtual worlds than websites – for example Second Life and Whyville.The main players are already well established, this is nothing new; but the increasing mainstream use, and the more interesting ways companies are using these tools suggests the way we use the Internet, and interact with people will increasingly change.A warm color palette provides a soft amber glow around characters driven by affection.A family whose life is orderly and organized is bathed in white, with bright primary colors on flat surfaces with square geometric shapes and sharp angles.Editor Lee Percy had the challenging task of making it all coherent.

Knowing where and when to cut, whether or not to weave the stories together or keep them parallel, when to converge and diverge -- these are all crucial decisions that are key to the success of the project."Disconnect" sits near the top of all the pictures I've seen this year and is one of the few which prompted me to utter the word "masterpiece" quietly as the credits rolled.

As one tends to have intense feelings about a film in its immediate afterglow, I often wait for the emotional excitement to die down before writing my review and assessing its impact.

"Disconnect" haunted me throughout the rest of the festival and has continued to do so. Had the opportunity to see this amazing film at a sneak preview last night at the AFI/Silver Theater in Silver Spring MD.

Will a movie like this alter the way we interact with technology? This is a powerful film that exceeded my expectations.

Reading the marketing blurb I was worried it would be just another hi-tech thriller making use of all the latest cool technology.

This is one of those films for which, as a non-spoiler reviewer, it's best for me to avoid the specifics of the script and who does what here. But, needless to say, Disconnect is not the feel-good movie of the year.