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As a result, they are receptive to an interactive service that resides within their chosen messenger app.

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And as e-commerce consumers become more comfortable interacting with machines online, chat bots will inevitably continue to dominate the online landscape.Naturally, my thoughts shifted to getting it on with a pioneering computer program.ELIZA was developed at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the mid-'60s by Joseph Weizenbaum.As platforms expand and tools become more accessible and easier to use, the likelihood is that companies will be making their own bots in the near future, certainly within a couple of years.And as social messaging continues to explode in popularity, bots will become ever more pervasive in day-to-day company-to-customer and online communications.Just as users have migrated towards SMS and messaging apps as their communications medium of choice, so they have embraced that same familiar interface for chat bots.

And as they spend more time within that social messenger environment, they are increasingly reluctant to download and open additional applications in order to accomplish basic tasks.

Given her history, ELIZA would be by far the most important thing I'd ever had sex with.

Of course, the ELIZA I was trying to bone was one of many clones, and it's hard to say how close to the original it really comes, but after testing a few different versions, the results were equal parts frustrating and hilarious.

Each year, AI enthusiasts compete for the Loebner prize, which pits chatbot against chatbot to see who or what can come closest to passing that test.

While more sophisticated methods of machine learning are in development, many of today's chatbots are still built on a similar coded call-and-response formula as ELIZA.

It simulated the experience of speaking to a therapist by responding to specific words and phrases, and represented a significant step forward in the evolution of human-like AI.