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In philosophical theories of morality, there are few absolutes, which means no easy answers—but we do get to ask lots of good questions!

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Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent LOCAL rapper Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme, yesterday broke his silence, confessing to cheating on his wife Olinda whom he confirmed to be his “blesser” who buys him expensive cars and clothes. I just want to do music, that’s all I’ve been doing.(For those of you that read my post on the ethics of procrastination, some of the discussion of moral philosophy will sound familiar.) At the risk of spoiling the ending, let me reassure you that we'll find that adultery want to get together with that hottie in your office or at your club (sorry).But it might be justified in extraordinary circumstances, which to some people, unfortunately, might be rather ordinary.I text her and even her husband (Elikem),” said Stunner.On whether he and Olinda are still together, Stunner said a lot of people have been speculating about his marriage yet they have no idea what’s going on.“We woke up in the same bed.He confirmed cheating on Olinda but refused to shed light on the mysterious damsel he cheated with, saying he owes no one but his wife an explanation.“I’m not here to say I’m correct. I had a slight lack of common sense and I made a mistake.

Yes I cheated and I’m not here to justify it, that it’s because I’m a man,” said Stunner.“The two spoke to each other and they exchanged words and I’m happy that happened.

Let's say Christine tells her best friend Sally that she's thinking of cheating on her husband. Well, she might ask her friend why she's thinking of cheating. I mean, listen to Sally—cheating is just plain wrong, isn't it?

And our intuitions are definitely that cheating is wrong.

But I’m here to say I cheated and I’m wrong.“I don’t owe any explanation as to why I did it to the public, the only person I owe that to is my wife.

By telling people out there it’ll look like I’m trying to find an excuse or a way out, but I’m not looking for that.”Stunner rubbished his wife’s claims that everything he owned was due to her hard work saying he had a life before he met her.“I’ve known my wife for close to a year.

There are three obvious answers, which conveniently correspond to the three ethical schools we'll look at to answer the question.