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Common online dating lies

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“Given that 81% of people lie, I think it’s time to stop getting so bent out of shape when they do, and simply assume that everyone is fudging a little bit — some, more than others.” He said on his blog.

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Men may also exaggerate other details about their job, such as where they work and what position they actually hold.If you’re looking for the cribs-notes cheat sheet for deciphering the truth from a dating profile, then keep an eye out for those characteristics men are most likely to lie about online.Applying a skeptical eye to the top 5 facts and figures below will help you uncover 80 percent of online lies with minimum effort.A ring-finger tan line, a wallet full of family photos, and being overly concerned about getting home at a certain time could be red flags.Apparently, some male online daters buy into society’s message that taller is better.If you’re happy with a man who’s a little shorter, broker and less socially winning than he presents himself online, then you won’t be disappointed if that’s exactly what he turns out to be when you meet in person.

You’ll have simply won the jackpot if the man who you end up grabbing a drink with really is the total package he seemed to be from his profile.

We all lie from time to time, but some lies tend to have a greater impact than others.

One place where lying seems to be the norm is online dating.

Through a combination of choosing what archetype best fits their body type (athletic, a little extra, obese, thin, jacked) and the pictures they decide to include in their profile, men can be pretty good at disguising what their bodies look like.

Sex advice columnist extraordinaire Dan Savage has stated he assumes every man with an online profile is probably two to five years older than he actually is.

Dating research conducted in 2010 found, when it comes to online dating, women care about how much a man makes.