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Dating a canadian woman

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Just think of it, your kids could have dual citizenship too!He is the kind of guy who can save a family from a burning building but still take time to stand back and quietly observe.

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But this post is not about that, it’s about two different mentalities: European and North-American. Watch this documentary if you’re curious to know more about our differences –VIDEO.Which means that Jimmy (aka: Drake) is also Canadian.*Drops mic*Dating a Canadian man has never been easier thanks to T-Mobile's new Mobile Without Borders.The Canadian guy is the perfect man to make your husband because he is everything that is right about a man. Perhaps the most important thing of all: Canada is the home of your favorite TV angst drama, Degrassi.If a country can produce a show that amazing, it sure sounds like it can produce some awesome people.No, there just couldn't be anything more adorable than that.

No matter what is said, if it's said in a Canadian accent, it automatically becomes 10X cuter.

He'll only make you watch hockey and thank goodness for that.

In America there is always some sport or another in season, making your weekends a doldrums of hot wings and boy's nights.

They are truly the most polite, selfless people out there.

A Canadian man is the kind you bring home to mother.

What is there to get up in arms about when healthcare is free, fresh air is plentiful and there's beautiful hiking around every corner?