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Dating a hiv positive man

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It's now alleged that he had unprotected sex with three men in their 20s and 30s he met on dating app Grindr without telling them that he was HIV-positive.One of the alleged interactions happened in Christchurch on October 19, police say.

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He said the men should have a sexual health check and then see police "if they would like to pursue it any further".The university graduate, from Norwich, is one of the approximately 100,000 people in England living with HIV – a condition which weakens the body’s immune system.He contracted the virus after having unprotected sex with another man three years ago.The alleged offending was revealed after one man told his GP about the sexual encounter.The doctor felt he was obliged to tell him that Lumsden was HIV-positive, Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Anderson said.It was after a Christmas night out in London in 2013 that Mr Causton-Ronaldson, an ex-Norwich School pupil, met the man who gave him the virus.

Over the next few months Mr Causton-Ronaldson’s health began to worsen, as he went from being a 34-inch waist to 28, and he started to feel lethargic and exhausted.

“It felt like all the blood was drained out of my body and it was one of the most sinking feelings I have ever had. But I took the bull by the horns and used it as a way to take action with my life.“I knew about HIV but I never thought the virus would get me – it was an abstract thing.”He does not think much about the person who infected him with the virus.

“I know some people who have never forgiven the person who gave it to them, but I felt there was no need to waste that energy,” Mr Causton-Ronaldson said.

Although police are focusing on encounters in Canterbury, more partners could come forward as Lumsden had lived in Australia.

While Sheen said it was 'impossible' for him to have spread the virus, multiple sex partners have come forward saying they had unprotected intercourse with the former Two and a Half Men star and that he didn't tell them he had the sexually-transmitted disease, according to media reports.

Two men have tested clear of the infection and one is still awaiting test results.