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Dating advice for seniors

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“Do you have a special place you like to visit regularly?

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” Your date may still be immersed in a career and finding satisfaction in it.Regardless of a person’s age, first dates can be a source of anxiety and apprehension.You may not be the bundle of quivering nerves you were as a teenager going out with someone for the first time, but even as a senior you want to avoid awkward silences and gaps in the conversation that leave both people feeling uncomfortable.No matter the season of life they’re in, single men and women want a partner who can bring levity and lightness to the relationship.Discovering the kinds of things that make your partner laugh will tell you about his/her personality and outlook on life—and help you introduce those laugh-inducing elements into your times together. ” Dreams and lofty ambitions are not the exclusive domain of people in their twenties and thirties.You want to know if the other person’s dreams mesh with your own.

Listen closely to discern if your dreams are compatible and complementary.

Here are four that will help you steer around common senior single dating pitfalls. After spending a lifetime learning to be “serious” and “responsible,” it can be hard to remember the cardinal rule of dating: Have fun! If you are a senior dating again for the first time in years, you’ve probably overcome painful obstacles to get here.

Perhaps you’ve survived the death of a cherished spouse, or maybe a divorce that tested your sense of self and your ability to trust.

Four senior dating tips to guide your renewed quest for love in your life.

Here’s a senior dating dilemma: On one hand, the society we live in tells people of a certain age that their best opportunities for love and romance have come and gone. On the other hand, a part of you still feels like an adventurous teenager, regardless of what age appears on your driver’s license.

Your date may have a local park he/she frequents or a European city that’s been a regular destination.