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Dating become relationship

*** Clearly this wasn’t our best, most romantic conversation ever.

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However, I have had one relationship where we "just knew" and it was automatic (don't know if that's the correct word for it, lol).Are there a specific number of dates that two people engage in that prefaces being considered an exclusive couple?Do we communicate the changes from dating to something more serious or is it just assumed?mary,mary ,mary,life is not that simple.i am a fan of speed dating and i love the company of ladies,nothing sexual at doesnt matter if a man meets a lady a 1000 times it doesnt mean that it will ever take a sexual other words,men and ladies can be friendsyou mention assumptions,but assumptions can often be you havent got the ring on the finger sweetheart,keep on datingthanksjohn John, I fully agree.Life is not the act of dating with the hope of finding a sustaining relationship. What are clues that someone can use to verify their relationship is serious- without “the conversation”?

But by the time we got around to officially rubber-stamping the boyfriend/girlfriend titles into our relationship, I already thought we were exclusive.

But I will say NEVER assume anything, when in doubt, always ask.

In my opinion when it becomes a clear understanding that both of you are exclusive and sharing much more than just an occasional night out or sleep over.

Talking has to be the clearest and easiest way of finding this out.

After all if you cant even talk about it with them who is to say either of you is ready for a relationship, right?

I am curious to hear from both men and women on this topic, because I think there are clearly differing opinions on when dating constitutes monogamy.