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Dating blacklist

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He tells Meera and Ressler that Henry Cho is the target of Wujing's assassins.

He tells her that he plans on enjoying a nice seafood dinner with his winnings, and invites Navabi to join him, saying he's buying.He gave Cooper Red's proof that Newton Phillips was the mole.Once the team bring Pytor Madrcyzk back from Budapest he coordinates the improved DNA testing on the bodies from crash site.While checking Owen Mallory's background Aram discovers that Mallory attended Harvard University under the name Charles Lassiter Jnr.He attempts to trace the location of the skeleton key and track down Harrison Lee.He uncovers an overall view of the accounts being used to pay the relatives of the assassins.

He uses Red's information to find the Kingmaker by reviewing the airline records.

When he is successful Red declares him innocent, since if he was guilty he would never have used an easily traceable method, when he could have so easily covered his tracks.

Red released him and he returned to the Post Office where he was arrested by Cooper's men.

He worked for the NSA for 14 years before being hired by Harold Cooper for his diverse skill set.

When Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington enter Wujing's headquarters he intercepts the background check on Liz and ensures that she has no ties with the government.

Aram states that he needs Liz to personally access Linus Creel's computer so he can access the password.