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Dating cues

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If they're finding excuses to have physical contact with you, they're unconsciously trying to stimulate C-Tactile nerve fibers.If you like them too, let them, and find ways to keep that behavior going.

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He knew them on logical and intuitive levels, which is definitely not typical.When a girl likes a boy, she usually wants to hear his voice. Ask open-ended questions which work well for whoever you're pursuing.People like to talk, but they need something to work with.The last one isn't as common, but it's still a pretty major indicator.If someone is a bit more touchy-feely than they should be towards you, that one is a dead-giveaway.This means they are engaged and like what is happening in the moment.

It doesn't mean they are planning the wedding, or even breakfast; merely that the moment is enjoyable.

Grooming behaviors are often one of the first signs of attraction.

For most people, the knowledge to read this behavior is almost completely within the subconscious mind.

As a rule, don't ask anybody on a date while their arms are crossed. Also, With this, you're basically looking for anything out of the ordinary.

If you're attracted to someone, you want to look at them and hear them speak.

Eye contact will be slightly longer than normal, and on some level it could seem awkward.