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Dating in business school

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You may also prefer to date someone who complements your life as an MBA student, rather than mirrors it.

There’s also the added bonus of MBA students being older on average, so your chances of finding someone ready to settle down, if that’s what you’re after, are higher.The key is to genuinely value the relationships you form—not solely focus on what you might get out of them.You’re surrounded by fellow MBAs, so you’re in the company of people who are highly motivated to succeed—like you.The Friend Scene Perhaps you prefer a social scene that involves sitting around a friend’s dining room table enjoying board games like Pictionary or Scrabble.Sure, it’s no wild foam party or impromptu ski trip to Park City, but take heart, my less thrill-seeking friends: lasting, valuable connections can be made at low-key events (and often outside of official networking “events” altogether), too, and they probably won’t require excessive alcohol consumption, if you’re not into hangovers.Pros: Exercising your interpersonal social skills is worthwhile effort for any MBA student and future businessperson, and that kind of acquaintanceship is not likely to be found at the white party.

One-on-one or small-group interactions are more likely to lead to higher-value, lasting connections, and those connections are more likely to morph into a valuable network in the future.

Do you work hard and play hard, living every day to its fullest and every night to its dawn, attending (or throwing! Or do you enjoy a subtler existence, your idea of a good time going out to dinner with a handful of close friends who can simultaneously challenge and support one another?

Maybe you’re the networking type, or maybe you just want to bunker down, focus hard on earning your MBA, and possibly find time for a sweetheart?

Whatever your social lifestyle preference, there’s a business school scene out there to fit it, and here are a handful of common ones: If your idea of a good time involves being surrounded by hot, sweaty strangers at a club to all hours of the night, you might be pleased to know that many MBA students aren’t the type to let the good times pass them by.

Business school culture, in fact, has been called out for its notorious party culture. well, too much, there are things to be said for enjoying a lively business school experience replete with a thriving social life: Pros: Large b-school parties, such as the hugely popular annual white party, expose you to a bunch of fellow students and potential connections, plus they typically involve free-flowing alcohol, which got its reputation as a social facilitator through no coincidence.

The odds are good that at least one friend you make at business school will end up being professionally valuable to you in the future, so relax about the whole thing and enjoy your dinners out with your friends.