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Dating partner in pakistan

Three days later we were at a café near my house on a Saturday afternoon.

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Joining Salaam Love also means enjoying the freedom of global Islamic dating.At first I didn’t want to discriminate and I gave Muslim men a chance.After all a lot are pretty good looking with their hipster beards.It’s okay when you are single but the prospect of a serious relationships and having children puts ex-Muslims in a pretty bleak place.You have two choices: tell your parents that you are a non-Muslim and don’t have to marry a Muslim (or marry at all) or lie to your future Muslim partner and enter into a relationship built on deceit where your non-religious views will have to be kept private.Like millions of people around the world, I use online dating.

As a Pakistani woman with a Muslim name and a banging nose ring, I attract attention from some Muslim men.

Even when I tell the guys that I am quite public about being non-religious, they say it’s a not big deal — but I know that it is.

Any chance of me being a serious girlfriend diminishes instantly when they find out who I am. I already have an extended family that has largely rejected me; nobody is special enough for me to suffer that again.

Thank you for making my life complete for I have found true happiness through this site. At Salaam we are committed to providing you a safe and friendly environment where you can comfortably meet that special someone.

Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.

Unlike Muslim women who may prefer to marry a Muslim, a former Muslim would probably do better to not date a Muslim.