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Dating pregnant

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The main thing I would want to avoid is being seen to be taking advantage of a situation, or more specifically a woman at a time when she may be vulnerable.

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I mean, we get off lightly during pregnancy - so get us to make your ordeal as pleasurable as possible! It is an emotional rollercoaster and one that is meant to be shared together not alone (especially when he wanted the second child and I didn't feel ready - I will trust my instincts from now on).There are some reasons why I want to date a pregnant lady, but I really don't want them to sound as patronising as they will sound.I hate the thought of anyone going through all this alone.I'm sure not every pregnant women feels like me but as I said pregnancy is such a stressful time anyway I couldn't contemplate having the added pressure of a new partner.Making sure I was perfectly made up, legs were shaved and constantly in matching undies lol.if it was me you would be fighting me off and telling me to leave you alone for the evening lol as for being 27 and having 2 kids!!

well that really doesnt mean you are any less of a catch than any other woman!!

If you're dating a pregnant woman she will just of come out of a relationship, been left by a partner so probably some raw emotion. I think by finding someone who wants to have children with you would be the best thing.

You can experience everything first hand and it will be even more special to you as he/she will be yours.

And perhaps you are right, it may be worth waiting until I find the right woman and settle down and have kids with her myself.

But, to be honest that seems like a long way away at present.

If all fellas were like you we wouldn't need single parent forums.