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Dating rexcraft bugles

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1 piccolo: YPC-62 2 flutes: Dimedici 1011RBS, handmade Powell (1970) 1 Bb clarinet: Selmer Paris Model 55 (1945) 1 bass clarinet: YCL-220 1 soprano sax: Conn Pan American (c.1921) 2 alto saxes: Buescher Model 140 (1951), Cannonball Big Bell 1 tenor sax: Martin Dick Stabile (c. I must not be doing too badly, I can still count everything on two hands.

If I'm going to spend it on art, I prefer paintings and sculptures to production line bits. I realized after I pulled the trigger on that one that it may have come off wrong.Armstrong 104 flute, purchased in high school YSS-475 soprano Conn 6M alto, ~1957 Conn 10M tenor (silver), ~1949 Selmer BA tenor, ~1935 plus assorted wooden novelty flutes and single reed instruments That's all, folks!Since I first started this post I have added a 1926 silverplate Martin lowpitch C Melody sax in near mint condition.too bad, cuz now only rich dudes can afford some of the 'asking' prices of this stuff, and i ain't rich, just broke now.Seem to be in remission somewhat now, as i've got most of what i want/need...keyword here is 'most'... : P1 soprano - EM Winston curved 2 altos - both Buescher Aristocrats, Big B and just post Big B 2 c-mels - Buescher True Tone, Holton Rudy Weidoft 1 tenor - Buescher Aristocrat, just pre-Selmer 2 baris - Buescher Big B, Selmer Series II 4 Bb sop.I don't think one could ever have too many saxophones! I have my first sax a Bundy II alto My main alto is a Yanagisawa A-5 from 1971. My other alto is a Buescher Aristocrat from around 1953.

My main tenor at the moment is an early 1960's Kohlert.

My other tenor is being overhauled and is a Buescher Aristocrat from 1952. I've got my eye on a couple of others that I would like to try. I agree,, you can never have too many saxes, ( as many as you can afford)...

At the moment I have the following: 1 Buescher sop sax vintage 1925, silver 3 clarinets, 2 Bohem system and one Albert sys...which is a vintage Buffet, Pedler, that my Mom bought for me at the age of 10, and one other old plastic one.. one "The Martin" and my fav Buescher 400 vintage 1965 1 Selmer B/A tenor,, my pride and joy, bought new in 1946, still all original..

I also have a model 1206 Selmer flute that I'd like to play better, but that isn't happening.........

I'm not counting the two Conn "Chu Berry" altos in my possession, but only because I haven't been able to sell them yet.

I guess technically that would make six saxes I own. 66 and Couf 6* MP) Alto : Yamaha YAS 875B (Barone NY6 and Sumner 6 MP both HR) Tenor: Conn 10M 344,xxx (JVW HR Link 8*, Barone Hollywood 8*) Bari: Selmer Low Bb MK VI 120,xxx, awaiting a new Yamaha YBS 62 Silver (Custom Barone HR Link 8*, Rousseau HR JDX 8 MP) I know the question is about saxes, but.......