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Dating someone else while in a relationship

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In the Reddit thread: "What to do when your partner has a crush," MLU together. I swear, if I asked Reddit for help during the times she had crushes, cuz it was shitty times, it would have told me to walk away with a couple hundred upvotes, and that would have been the absolute worst advice.We've been married two years now (though we've been devoted to each other for ten years) and could not be happier.

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Had a date planned Friday with the guitarist, and called him to break the date.Without getting into gritty details, I spent a little while getting my confused self worked out and broke it off with the other guy.I moved in with my husband more or less directly, and have been under the same roof with him for seven years now.The date ended badly, but I met the guitarist with the house band, and started seeing him. Was dating the old flame and the guitarist, both very casually.Then my Mother set me up on a blind date - the blind date was Friday. I asked for a little time, then went out with the blind date on Wednesday.Meanwhile, my second year of college starts and I meet a neat guy who hits on me then I tell him I'm dating someone.

I'm also talking with a mutual male friend about our respective dating partners and whether he and I should/shouldn't break up with them.

Most discussions about infidelity are black and white. Redditor My_Life_Uncensored (MLU) pointed out that although crushes are natural and common, they sometimes "walk the line of emotional cheating" in relationships.

But there are gray areas that can put a strain on a relationship without being considered "cheating." What if your partner just has a crush on someone else?

Also, uh, rereading the OP..we actually met we were both single, although I was in hot pursuit of someone else.

Never let it be said I know what I'm doing (apart from marrying sh E. That was right on.) I met my husband when I was unattached, but when he made his feelings and intentions clear I was with another guy - actually I was living with the other guy, as I had started the year homeless (looong story).

Each time has been a chance to make both ourselves and our relationship stronger.