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For clarity, I’m going to focus on one obvious feature of Canadian accents: the Canadian raising of the diphthong in “about” before voiceless consonants (resulting in the notorious “aboot” parody).

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As Canada's national data center, ISDM historical tides and water level data archives presently hold over 30 million records with the earliest dating back before the turn of the century.Site actively quarried from 5,000 to 600 years ago for Ramah chert, a visually distinctive and important stone type used by several ancient cultures of the northeast in the manufacture of tools and other objects.Consolidated Statutes and Regulations Consolidated Statutes Consolidated Regulations Annual Statutes and Regulations Annual Statutes (since 2016) Annual Regulations (since 2016) Additional information Québec Official Publisher What’s new?Its principal components are: This integrated system serves primarily the Maritime transport companies working between Sept-Iles and Montreal and more importantly it operates in the shallowest portion of the river located between Quebec city and Montreal.The Canadian Coast Guard uses the SINECO information system for Vessel Traffic Management on the St-Lawrence River.Stay connected socially, download music, enjoy online gaming, view and upload video.

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The SINECO network is an observation and forecast operated system of water levels covering the whole St-Lawrence Seaway from Montreal to Sept-Iles.

The network is operated and governed by the Canadian Hydrographic Service-Quebec Region.

The validation process was done against a number of oceanographic observations including currents, water level, water temperature and salinity, and sea ice drift, concentration, and thickness.

Integrated Science Data Management (ISDM) acquires, processes, quality controls, archives and distributes tide and water level (TWL) data reported on a daily to monthly basis from the DFO Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) water level gauging network.

First up is this interview with former Canadian PM Jean Chrétien.