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Error updating jscript intellisense jquery

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Rick Strahl also has a really nice Introduction to j Query article that talks about using j Query with ASP. Karl Seguin has two nice j Query primer posts here and here that provide shorter overviews of some of the basics of how to use j Query.

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He has also written two EBooks 51 Recipes using j Query with ASP. NET MVC and j Query and making my first baby steps in a whole new horrible world of web development.I found out that the Java Script Intelli Sense in Visual Studio 2008 is broken out of the box.The value is in milliseconds so choose something greater than 15000. On a related note, we’ve read all the requests for Prototype support. In the meanwhile, there’s actually a simple workaround.

In a file that runs before ext-base.js, or on the first-line of itself, add the following code: This corrects for an inaccuracy in our simulated execution environment. Ext is one of the larger libraries out there and thus it takes longer to execute. …increasing the timeout will often solve the problem.

Just use the Microsoft CDN instead of the Google CDNHere’s an example of the intellisense showing up with the Microsoft CDN network: Microsoft CDN hosts both j Query and the Visual Studio Intellisense for j Query. Suprotim is also the founder and primary contributor to Dev Curry, Dot Net Curry and SQLServer Curry.

Ext is great framework for adding rich AJAX interactivity to your web application.

The problem of course when you do this is that by default VS has no way of knowing that this script is available within the user control - and so won't provide intellisense of it for you.

One way you can enable this is by adding the tag and provide intellisense for it within the user-control.

Jeff King from the Web Tools team wrote up a great post earlier this week that answers a number of common questions about how Java Script intellisense works with VS 2008. One trick he talks about which I'll show here is a technique you can use when you want to have Java Script intellisense work within user-controls/partials (files).