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It’s time for deep water aerobics at the recently remodeled Rainier Beach Community Center (RBCC).I live in the 98118 and what they say is true, we really are an eclectic microcosm of the world.

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What we want is a place to hang out and enjoy all kinds of activities with our neighbors.She's been a regular contributor to the Seattle Globalist since 2013.Her self published works include two children's books (Coco La Swish: A Fish from a Different Rainbow and Coco La Swish: When Rainbows Go Blue) and three collections of poetry (God, Hair, Love, and America, Love and Guatemala, and Summoning Unicorns). “Not only did the Y not have a good presence, but people were worried about the fee structure for the use of the facility,” says Woo.“It didn’t happen because the community spoke up.” Part of the concern was for the displacement of city employees who had previously worked at the community center.Not only were we in these classes sweating next to each other, the locker room afterwards was filled with strangers in various states of dress actually chatting with one another as though somehow we had found a magical antidote to the Seattle Freeze. And of course having a brand new center it is beautiful to be there,” says Nelson Lopez, a community health advocate with Neighborcare for the last eight years.

“I think it helps not just minorities, but people of any ages from toddlers to teens to retired or older adults.

“We’ve been working on a new community center since at least 2004, 2005 when we knew the school district was going to demolish the old school and build a new school next door.” In 2008, during the recession, Williams approached then-mayor Michael Mc Ginn with the idea of debt financing the development of the new Community Center.

Now the 20 million dollar facility is being paid for partially through revenue generated from the pool. There is a lot of need for and a lot of demand for youth programming here.

There is always something at the center for everybody.” Located just a few blocks away, Neighborcare is one of many organizations affiliated with the community center.

Neighborcare has created a program to subsidize the pool for patients in need of more physical activity.

Residents wanted to make sure they got their jobs back.