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Galgirl sxce

galgirl sxce-22

I have created samba shares in the past without problem, but for some reason I cannot get it working in LM KDE 18.The share is supposed to be authenticated, but I can't get it to work on any level.

Some years ago I installed and configured FVWM but I added it to PCLinux OS if I remember right.It took a lot of searching even then to get it all how I wanted it. I had it installed on a Pentium 166 MMS with 32 MB of RAM.I can see where you could use some guidance because of how you are wanting to build this.It uses GUI tools to edit the look of windows, instead of the use of editing a text file in FVWM.It creates a desktop environment using FVWM as its window manager and main core.Long story short, does anyone run FVWM and/or FVWM-Crystal or know of a good tutorial on how to build it up into a DE from a "clean" Ubuntu minimal install?

(this is actually a not-subtle-at-all way for me to request a tutorial) Here's a little more on the subject: "FVWM-Crystal is a theme framework for the FVWM window manager.

Having said that, recently someone pointed me towards window-managers such as openbox, fluxbox, icewm and the incredibly pretty yet still lightweight fvwm and its cousin fvwm-crystal.

I've been reading about these options but openbox is by far the most well-documented with more than a few full-fledged tutorials out there.

Look at the permissions of the target folder and see if it allows access to a guest user: You stated earlier that you created a share in Dolphin.

When you do that you create a samba usershare and it's share definitions are not in but in /var/lib/samba/usershares.

So I'm always trying to make the most of my toaster (read: PC) and so I've been compulsively downscaling my desktop environment periodically.