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Gay korean dating

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“South Koreans eat cake but that culture came from America, in North Korea there is no cake.

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Observed on 9 September every year, Independence Day is a public holiday which marks the founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and its liberation from the Soviet occupation in 1948.“Roller skating is popular but you can’t go on the streets and must go in a park.Ice-skating is also popular but there is only one place”.While there were arcade type places where he would play video games, he says it would quickly get boring because the consoles were so outdated.When it came to birthdays, Kang would celebrate with all the usual fare - apart from cake.“Everyone aged between 15 and 30 has to be in the union.

I taught people North Korean culture and encouraged them not to listen to American pop music or watch dramas from South Korea and China”.

“There is one bowling alley in Pyongyang but I only went once because it was very expensive.

They only accept American dollars which I had got from selling stuff on the black market,” he recalls.

You might say that’s crazy, but if people understand freedom or know how people in other countries live, it is dangerous for the government”. In the week they would go on walks alongside the riverside and on the weekends they would go the cinema.

However, there was a limit to the intimacy of these dates.

Living in a small, ordinary flat in a downtown area of the totalitarian metropolis with his mother, father and sister, Kang spent his days working for the Kim Il-sung Socialist Youth League and evenings playing pool with friends.