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The one that shocked me most was a guy on hermessage named “swordman”.The guy also lives in lagos according to their chats. I took my time to read through all their conversations and I discovered that she do exchange nudes with the guy, they flirt to the extreme, and they were also dating.

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Just while I was wondering about my stupidity, my memory started flashing back to the how we started………. Don’t worry dear, just be patient till we meet, I will give you a surprise package you will always remember for the rest of your life Me:, really? The chat ended with a nice phonesex till I slept off and I had this nasty dream of me and adebimpe…………….

She told me how mike didn’t love her,how he violently demand for sex, how he always demanded for anal sex which she always rejected not until one day when mike drugged her drink and she was unconscious while mikehad his way through her... My phone rang and I tried checking who is on the line, it was bimpe.

I felt so sorry for her that I always keep hercompany on chats. The feelings was developing gradually until the day I asked her out…It took her up to 2weeks to give a yes answer, after giving me a yes, we started the E-datingproper. I didn’t pick the calls cos I was so mad at mysef, considering the 3bottles of alomo I have bought, the preparations and the likes. I decided to open myoperamini and browse my facebook to while away time. On the username, I saw her email filled in it, and on the password. Immediately I got a flash back that when she came to my house on day 1, she asked for my fone to use because herblackberry battery was flat.

BB PIN Nigeria is a new Facebook Page created to bring Blackberry users together in a way that will facilitate friendship and promote unity among Nigerian Blackberry users.

All you just need to do, is to visit the Page, Click on "Like" and Post your BB Pin on the wall.

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