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Hosting a speed dating night

Now you can focus on meeting the people who you want to spend time with.You are not only selective about who you meet, you likely care a lot about where you meet too! That's why the venues selected for your events are hand curated and visited by our staff to ensure successful ambience so the vibe is right for each occasion.

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Once you meet, enter a code then answer some optional ice-breaker questions. OR Wow, she oozed style, wit and her laugh was so infectious, she just lit up the night. Then, it looks to see your dating history and the people you could date at the event in real time. Not only that, but Cityswoon checks to make sure you haven't already dated the person before, so your precious time is not wasted.Check out City Swoon to take part in the world's leading edge, revolutionary way to date.Thousands of participants have already got on board to meet up with City Swoon's innovative matching technology. Cityswoon events are live and spontaneous and not tied to any particular venue - it's mobile!It's a really fun way of meeting lots of single people in a more natural, open environment. Join Now The days of having to complete a piece of paper, write the names of those you met and tick boxes for the likes and dislikes are over.These are not usually held in a reserved room, but out in the "wild". Fast Impressions had their day, but the world has moved on and live matched dating is here.Melbourne Speed Dating at Nieuw Amsterdam in the CBD!

Combining the face to face of speed dating with the matching element of online dating, these events are the best way to meet the most compatible people to you in Melbourne!

Find your match for each round via Cityswoon's web app.

Our friendly and experienced hosts are always on hand to help out too. So you are more likely to find a great match and enjoy a very fun night in the process! But we have matched thousands of people on matched dates and the results speak for themselves Cityswoon is so smart, it does several amazing things specifically for you.

We are holding both regular Match Speed Dating and Adventure Dating events in all cities and different areas too, so that you can always find a local speed dating event near you!

Check out more on Speed Dating Sydney, Speed Dating Melbourne, Speed Dating Brisbane, Speed Dating Perth, Speed Dating Adelaide or Speed Dating Canberra pages for more information about your city.

$89 public, $59 members Discover the best bars, pubs and hidden gems of Sydney's CBD, while City Swoon guides you through the night, with missions, dates and a series of great venues - it's like a night out but with dates along the way!