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Send the press release to local blogs, find contact at various media outlets.

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Every Rails Girls event starts with an installation-fest where the setup is pre-installed to the girl’s computers.: Have a coach table where problematic computers can be brought. Come up with activities to break the ice: ask the girls to write why they are attending the event on post-its or to draw and describe their dream web app. 21 - Show & tell with, first three-four exercises all together. ) through the curriculum at Stop to explain what you’re doing and what the different concepts mean.Some installations will fail: be prepared to set women up in pairs, don’t use endless amounts of time. Try to aim for simple explanations even with the cost of accuracy.The two-day event includes a lot of small group working and short focused talks on programming, design and web.No panel discussions or podium-talks - the spirit should be informal and hands-on.Promoting the event through social media can go a long way these days, but make sure you have somebody to take care of the chosen channels.

Some tips: While the event is underway, remember to take pictures, collect tweets and ask questions of the participants.

Also non-traditional technology companies can be approached: kids stores, universities, women’s magazines, beverage brands etc.

They all should however have some affiliation or interest in technology.

We’ve hosted events both during weekend and weekdays.

Also, doing two evenings (4PM - 22 PM) might be a more suitable solution for your community needs.

For past cities, see You can also set up your own Facebook and Twitter page (remember to add links to your workshop’s page!