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Iowa adult chat room

Before LOKEN and MURPHY, Circuit Judges, and JACKSON,* District Judge. On March 8 and March 25, Grauer sent links to images of young-looking males and females engaged in various sexual acts, including sexual intercourse. This was sufficient evidence that he constructively possessed the child pornography found on his computer following his arrest. Telemaque, 934 F.2d 169, 170–71 (8th Cir.1991) (targeting official victims); accord United States v. The district court, having heard lengthy trial testimony regarding the nature and purpose of Grauer's chats, was in the best position to find whether he made one or more identity misrepresentations with the intent that warranted the § 2G1.3(b)(2)(A) enhancement. Grauer claimed to have several young girlfriends: one who he can only see once every two weeks and “2 or 3” others, including an 18–year–old student at the University of Iowa. ․ You have never interviewed someone who was charged with meeting ․ an actual minor on the Internet and engaged in internet chat in a chat room and then traveled to meet with that minor? Grauer argues that this line of questioning was improper because it argued facts not in evidence and “was clearly calculated to inflame the jury.” Reviewing the district court's evidentiary rulings for abuse of discretion, we disagree. Hull, 419 F.3d 762, 770 (8th Cir.2005) (standard of review), cert. Grauer's wife testified that he operated a business from his home office, that he kept a Hewlett Packard laptop where he worked that looked like the laptop seized by police, and that no one else used his laptop regularly. As with other Guidelines enhancements that require similarly fact-intensive findings, we review for clear error the district court's finding that Grauer knowingly misrepresented his identity with the intent to persuade, induce, or entice a minor to engage in prohibited sexual conduct. Baker, 200 F.3d 558, 562 (8th Cir.2000) (obstruction of justice); United States v. Pointing out that we quoted Starr's use of the word “instrumental” in United States v. Two days before he traveled to meet Jenny, he claimed to have chatted with a girl Jenny's age who said that having sex with an older man was “a wonderful thing.” The record reflects a lengthy, carefully orchestrated attempt by a much older man to persuade and entice a minor female to engage in prohibited sexual conduct.

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The rebuttal included only a brief reference to prior cases that Dr. Nor was it improper for the prosecutor to conclude his closing argument by stating that the jury acts as the “conscience of the community,” as the district court had stated during voir dire.

Here, it was not an abuse of discretion for the district court to allow the government in rebuttal to respond to defense counsel's argument that Grauer would have gone to a motel, rather than a public bike trail, if he had intended to have sex with a minor.

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Thus, Grauer's contention that the district court committed plain error by not granting a mistrial sua sponte is without merit. He proved it the day he got in that car and he packed all his stuff and he drove to Clinton, Iowa. Sanchez–Garcia, 685 F.3d 745, 753 (8th Cir.2012) (quotation omitted).