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Is granny chat fake

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It's probably not just a coincidence that e COGRA was born after one of the biggest online poker scandals, way back in 2003.

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They incorporated scientific research and broad-spectrum data analysis, including careful disaggregation of data and further in-depth dissemination of data over time.There are so many checks and balances, not to mention top ranked poker players on their guard so that the likelihood of one of them smelling a rat and going public would quickly damage the reputation of the poker site.It is important to choose highly reputable online poker sites and choose those that have high levels of play action.If you take the time to search a bunch of chat rooms, information sites, and blogs, you will see this question come up over and over again.You'll also discover time and time again that the comments include: "Only sore losers are the ones complaining." "Those who complain are just not good poker players." "Far too often, people do not have a large enough bankroll to stay in the game, and feel cheated when they have to give in." In the end, the reason doesn't matter.Let's dig a little deeper and differentiate between pro and, well, so-called "pro".

Online poker pros consist of an independent group of online poker aficionados from all around the world who have utilized tracking software to identify any signs of rigged sites.

It is important to explore the myth that online poker is rigged, as well as the possibility and plausibility that players' concerns are justified.

In the end, such a concern will help to ascertain whether or not it's a poker player's reality.

It is very important to follow the guidance of the old pros, as they have been playing online for a long time, and in many cases cut their poker teeth online.

It is true that not all online poker sites pass the strict scrutiny of independent auditors, professionals, or online poker pros.

Those are good signs that they are high quality operations.