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The young men and boys will often have sex with the clients within the park’s confines. Owens for VOA) Estimates unavailable Despite its severity, the scale of the problem remains ill-defined.While acknowledging the issue, Praksis stated that even “estimates regarding this vulnerable population are not available.” A spokesman for the Greek government stated that the police were collaborating with NGOs and partner organizations and receiving specialist training to help address the trafficking and sexual exploitation of vulnerable minors.

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Alongside its role as meeting point for refugees and migrants Victoria Square has also become a well-known place where some young men and boys prostitute themselves. Owens for VOA) No family, no money Ali and Ahmad arrived in a central part of Athens called Victoria Square, a well-known meeting point for refugees.But as Afghan boys in Europe, a place ever less welcoming to even the most vulnerable refugees, their future remains opaque.For Smetopoulos, it is not just the authorities and NGOs in Greece that are falling short, it is the international community as a whole.Victoria has long been associated with migrant communities within Athens. Owens for VOA) Since around 60,000 refugees and migrants became trapped in Greece by the closure of borders last spring, Victoria Square and nearby Pedion tou Areos park have become known as places where young men and teenage boys sell themselves for sex to make money.“There was prostitution among migrant men [in the area] before the refugee crisis,” explained Smetopoulos, “but with the refugee crisis they have got younger and increased in numbers.” Clients - often elderly Greek men - will offer a small payment and sometimes a place to stay and shower to boys as young as 15.Like thousands of others who had undertaken grueling journeys without adult accompaniment to reach Europe, they found themselves in a strange city with no help and little idea of what to do next.

“We went to Victoria because we didn’t know where else to go and we thought someone could help us,” said Ali.

"When questioned, the children said they suffered repeated and persistent sexual abuse by the man," a police spokeswoman told Al Jazeera on Wednesday.

"They say that he took advantage of the fact that they were homeless and without food to sexually abuse them." Following a search on Tuesday at the man's house in the Toumba area of the northern city, police seized six hard drives and one USB stick, as well as dozens of tablets that fall under the Greek law on addictive substances.

Some refugees and migrants continue to sleep rough, or in squats, around Athens. They fled from the gang to the offices of Praksis, an NGO that provides accommodation tailored towards unaccompanied minors.

Praksis did not comment specifically on Ali and Ahmad’s incident, but in an email to VOA it stated that for some men and unaccompanied minors living outside shelters due to a lack of beds “things have already escalated to a level that sex working or survival sex has become their everyday life.” Condom wrappers scattered across a secluded spot in Pedion tou Areos park.

“If everyone here knows about this, then surely the police do? Tassos Smetopoulos, a social worker, is critical of what he sees as the failure of the authorities and NGOs to address the growth of survival sex among refugees and migrants. Owens for VOA) Following their ordeal, Ali and Ahmad now try to avoid Victoria Square for fear of bumping into the men who tried to abduct them.