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Jewish online dating meet

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Though she said “different denominations deal with the challenges of Jewish dating differently,” a web forum for meeting might be a future possibility.The higher level of connectedness born of the Jewish summer camp experience is more than hypothetical.

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“He fell in love when he saw her midnight performance of ‘Rocky Horror’ in the cheder ochel [dining room],” said Cohen.Annette Powers, a spokesperson for the URJ, said that Ramah Date opens up possibilities for the Reform movement as well.“URJ provides many engagement opportunities for people in the 20s and 30s, though these events don’t specifically have the end goal of matchmaking,” she said.“The true challenge of online dating is that a relationship between two highly correlated individuals can fail because the match is not embedded in community from the start,” she said.“While shared values, priorities and interests can satisfy the sites dating algorithm, it can’t satisfy the social demands for a successful match.” It is likely that other camps and Jewish organizations will replicate the model, Colton said, though she noted that Ramah is unique in its structure and scale of operations.Funded in part by the Avi Chai Foundation and the Maimonides Fund, Ramah Date members will subscribe to JDate through a co-branded portal and receive an identifying Ramah “badge” on their online profile.

Ramahniks can then choose to “meet” only other Ramahniks or search more broadly within JDate’s 750,000 members worldwide.

“I can’t claim we invented the idea of falling in love at camp, but we did invent a way to keep that potential alive well beyond your camping years,” he said.

“Since the site’s announcement, I’ve been swamped with calls from youth groups and other movements, asking ‘How can we do this?

Reach her at [email protected][Less] For Lucy Cohen, now Cohen-Cirlin, marrying Jewish was always a priority.

The daughter of a Conservative rabbi and a Jewish educator, marrying out was “not really an option,” said Cohen-Cirlin, 25, a social worker living on the Upper West Side, in a recent phone interview.

Still, some professionals have expressed concerns about the site’s efficacy.