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Joseph dempsie dating hannah murray

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He's fairly helpless by the end of the series.Since you have to live in this character who's just been buffeted around by forces beyond his control for his whole life, does that affect your performance, or even just your mentality – just getting up in the morning and working on this stuff?

I think if it's overshadowing your acting, you need to up your game a little bit. And I think particularly for Maisie, it mirrors her character's experience almost exactly.With Gendry, they've got what they want out of him, but as long as he's alive, he's still a pretty direct threat to Stannis's campaign, I'd imagine.But it's a land in which rumors spread quickly and tales of heinous crimes are very speedily passed on throughout the kingdom, so it's about whether Stannis cares enough about his reputation to keep him alive or to get rid. Essentially, Gendry's found himself in a position which isn't nice for anyone, which is that he has literally no control.Chris' passion is his psychology class because of his teacher.Abigail, Anwar, Jal, and Maxxie round out the group with a host of their own personal challenges.I interviewed Maisie Williams a few weeks ago after the episode where you two depart, and just hearing her describe how that felt to her as a person . She gets to know people really, really well, becomes really close with them, and then they're kind of wrenched away from her, as well as from Arya.

It was a very difficult scene to film, and her performance in that scene was just incredible.

Sid, Tony's best friend, is a virgin with no confidence.

Cassie is the self-harming, anorexic, drug addict with a heart of gold.

There's a scene in Season Two where I'm forging a sword with no top on for no apparent reason. there is a bit of a responsibility to try and even up the balance a little bit. But I think they do try and keep it within reasonable parameters. it was more for Arya than anything to do with my character.

It's amazing what a bit of soot and shaving can do for muscle definition, honestly. ' Game of Thrones' Sparks Intense Reactions I think David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss, the showrunners] still try to . That scene where I'm forging the sword, I'm saying that it's gratuitous, but the idea they wanted to convey was that . It was them trying to imply that Arya's becoming a woman now and she's dealing with feelings that she's maybe not experienced before. [] But it's not something I want to make a particular habit of. and it'd be great you hit the gym before we start filming." So I was told to get in shape. It was a really strange thing, because I don't know if they did it on purpose, but it was actually the last scene that we shot together.

I think he knows better than to ever consider the best possible outcome, as opposed to the worst.