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When you're finished and you'd like to return Alter Cam to its default settings you can either click the Off button under the Background tab, or click Reset at the top of the options frame.If you selected Screen as your video source, you may need to select your webcam in the Sources list.

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I need only access the webcam with Java Script and sorry for my English, I'm using Google translator.I can't use tag ' There's this great tutorial from HTML5rocks.Basically, get User Media lets the browsers ask for the permission and then lets you use the camera.Alter Cam provides users with a couple different options when it comes to displaying screens during a real-time chat.Perhaps you'd like to show your audience something that you have on your computer.You must be aware that it's still badly supported and that the API might change again, especially if you want to send those streams over internet.

I was precising something that might not be obvious from the short answer, I wasn't saying the answer was bad.

With our USB over Network solution you won't need to buy any additional hardware or restructure your network.

You only need USB Network Gate on a computer with USB device physically attached and on a computer you will be redirecting device to.

Click on program SPCA1528_V2237_Web Cam_to start downloading. Join our community just now to flow with the file SPCA1528_V2237_Web Cam_Eng and make our shared file collection even more complete and exciting.

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USB Network Gate will organize the connection and USB device will appear on a remote machine just as if it was physically plugged in to it!