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Kal penn who is he dating

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Harold on the opposite spectrum is living with his beautiful wife in the suburbs.

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We at BG wish him the best of luck and will be staying tuned! It was a small independent film that sort of blew up in the Indian American community.It was the first of its kind that featured actual Indian kids, growing up in America, and walking the tightrope between Desi and American culture.Oh how wonderful life would be if they ever collaborated!Kal also discussed the type of roles he took on initially in order to break into Hollywood.They marched with Gandhi in India and this made me socially conscious.

I’m not a political person – I am very much an independent.

When a writer asked about how he felt about paving the way for other Asian American actors in the Hollywood, he answered “John and I are very privileged.

The script, the directors, and Warner Brothers taking a chance on us has brought us here.

He is currently working on developing a new video game that incorporates art into gaming technology (yeah, that was a random new fact to learn about him! Kal is also writing a pilot for a new comedy series which we definitely hope that a network picks up.

Basically, by the end the phone call my crush had been reaffirmed.

He was awarded the opportunity to come back (why wouldn’t anyone want him back!? Of having the opportunity to work with Neil Patrick Harris again and the HIMYM staff, Kal says, “We get a long real well which is a real treat.