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Lesbian and bisexual dating

Men and women who love both men and women fall within the rainbow umbrella, but for some reason they don’t always feel the love.

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Dental Dams are the recommended weapon of choice for lesbians, but although I’m supposed to publically advocate such measures I sure as hell have never used one.Dating is a minefield, with many a malfunction just waiting to happen.Everyone has their Deal Breakers: smokers, kids, age gaps, number of cats. As if dating wasn’t hard enough already, life decided to throw in some extra issues for us lady-loving-ladies. All lesbians are aware of the perils of dating someone your ex has had their hands on, and it just isn’t worth it.You can’t un-do herpes, HPV, or HIV, so don’t be stupid.Make sure you’re dating an actual grown up who doesn’t believe that “Lesbians don’t get STD’s,” which is like when my 16-year-old sister told me she couldn’t get pregnant on her period. , “Rule Number One – Don’t fall in love with a straight girl”. Just as dangerous are the “experimenters” who take it too far.There’s so much that can niggle away in an otherwise perfect match. Performing a background check to make sure you don’t have any exes in common with your date is a uniquely gay Deal Breaker, but a necessary evil.

Sitting down over your first glass of Chardonnay and listing your recent partners in the order of how much you care(d) about them is seat-squirmingly awkward, butit’s undeniable – Having an ex in common is riddled with issues. Knowing the bouncer, the bartender, and the bulk of the crowd in the gay club is great when you’re single, but if you’re serious about finding someone, you slow it down.

Not naming names, but I once had someone tell me that “Bisexuals are dirty.

Let the Bi Girls date each other and leave the real lesbians alone” and it was everything I could do not to poke her swiftly in the eye.

If you’re a woman who hangs out with lesbians, they may roll their eyes when you tell them you’re dating a man.

If you’re a man who is friends with a group of gay men, they may shudder when you say you’ve met a hot woman. If you’re looking for love online, with most sites you have to make two accounts. While the site does allow you to identify as bisexual, for many, that solicits unwanted invitations to “spice up” a heterosexual relationship and can mean disinterest from those who feel threatened knowing their would-be partner goes “both ways.” There are smaller niche sites, but the bigger ones have the highest traffic, so it would be ideal to have an account on those. For this reason, they’re often left out of articles like the one New York magazine recently published.

It echoes “Let the Blacks date each other, and leave the Whites a pure race” and is the most backwards opinion in the LGBT community I have ever heard.