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We'd showered and gotten comfortable, the kids long asleep. I'd previously prepared the guestroom bed, plastic over the mattress and base, sheet, towels and more towels within a hand's grasp away on the lower side between the bed and the exterior wall, so it wasn't visible straight off.

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The waiter was good, but very formal and regularly came around to top up the glasses and … Having enjoyed that first time with David, they’d often, since then, discussed just how raunchy the afternoon had been.Peter remembers quite vividly Sue’s expressions and pleasures on that warm summers day.However, she too remembers just how much Peter too had relished and taken part in the afternoons’ sensual, erotic and sexual activities. I'm not much of a story writer but will try my best and would love to hear your comments below.Or why not give us all one of your erotic fantasies to read?!The bottom line is that this section of the site is here to allow you the free expression to let your minds run wild. They say a picture of beauty can speak a thousand words of pleasure...The legal age of consent in South Africa is 16 years, but the Schools Act prohibits any sexual relations between teachers and pupils irrespective of their ages.

‎Comment from the police was not immediately available.

Now i have always fantasized about fucking my mother in law , always checking her out without making it too obvious.

Me as always had the task of doing the braai work , everyone enjoyed themselves and moved on to play some pool while i finished … I've always been mildly interested in BDSM, primarily as a voyeur, although I have a number of unfulfilled fantasies involving active participation too. It can even sometimes bring together the role players.

She smiled at me and turned her back on me started brushing her bum agains my my hip.

I instictively turned a little and then she brushed my cock and instant hard on… one day in Hong Kong it was raining and i had searched this male sauna on the internet cut the story short i found it ..jumped of the double decker bus walked few meters and found it .

This had been as much for him, as it had been for her. So here it goes ; This all begun at the fantasizing stage of our joining the swinging lifestyle.