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Magure panthhose

"Well, I just meant—I uh,-- I oh, nothing." I was too embarrassed to go on . I was trying to keep my mind off her legs and pantyhose because I felt a boner coming on and I didn't want to have to conceal that from her. She crossed one ankle on to her knee and began to rub her foot. I don't know what had gotten into me, but I figured if I had said the words "extra sexy " to Laura I couldn't do much more to embarrass myself. It always feels so good when someone else does it—not that I know much about that, but yes, I would like that if you don't mind." "OK," I croaked."Would you like me to do that for you," I asked in a strange sounding voice. My voice was dong weird things, my mind was up under her skirt, and my cock was getting harder.

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"Well , yeah, I mean yes, you really do look special when you're dressed like that." I surprised myself by how daring my comment was. "I'm not wearing anything special." It was true—she wasn't dressed in any way out of the normal—except for those extra high heels. " "I meant that those high heels you're wearing with the white stockings—they make you look "—and here I mumbled inaudibly—"extra sexy." I knew my face was turning red. "By the way, it's pantyhose, not stockings." She had embarrassed me again; but she didn't seem to be embarrassed at all, talking about stockings and pantyhose with a 18-year-old boy.I rubbed each toe and then the sole, then the instep.Next I cupped her heel in my hand and squeezed, applying a little more pressure.She leaned back against the arm of the couch, put a cushion behind her head, and wiggled her self into a comfortable position. I was sure she could feel my hard-on with her feet, but if she didn't mention it I certainly wasn't going to.I took one foot in my hands and started gently massaging it, trying to remember what we had learned in "The second pressure point is the ankle," I said, as I lightly massaged her ankle.

"Mmmmmmmm," she said, "do the other one now." I put her foot gently back into my lap where I was sure she could feel my hard-on.

The school was in the city, and I would ride in with parents every morning and ride back home again every evening. I had turned 18 two months ago and I wanted a motor scooter so I could go to school by myself That would increase my "cool" factor significantly.

On Wednesdays we had a half day, so I would have lunch at the school cafeteria and then take a bus to the house of an American couple who were about my parents' age and whom they knew.

When I was 18 my family lived in the English Midlands.

My parents both worked for a pharmaceutical firm and they were working at its English subsidiary.

She normally wore heels that were lower, and it was true, these higher heels gave her legs a taut sexy look. Laura had good legs, at least in my judgment which I considered quite developed, because I looked at the legs of every female I saw between 12 and 80.