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Malaysia web cam show

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Any act that curbs internet freedom is theoretically contrary to the Multimedia Act signed by the government of Malaysia in the 1990s.

Rastafarian reggae is often censored, as it refers to "Zion".In May 2013, leading up to the 13th Malaysian General Election, there were reports of access to You Tube videos critical of the Barisan National Government and to pages of Pakatan Rakyat political leaders in Facebook being blocked.Analysis of the network traffic showed that ISPs were scanning the headers and actively blocking requests for the videos and Facebook pages.No kissing was allowed between two men or two women.Pornography of any kind is strictly banned in Malaysia.If it's not pornographic in nature, then they will allow it.

It is very subjective." He also said, "Today's standard of morality and spirituality must be strong because people are exposed to all sorts of challenges" and "There is a correlation between criminal offenders and sex and violence shown on screen." The censors pay special attention to political and religious themes in films.

He reiterated that the main objective of the code was to build a better "Bangsa Malaysia".

On the current film censorship guidelines, he said that if a scene was "too sexy", then the scene would be axed. They watch the scene and if it's too glaring then they will cut it.

In 2006 Deputy Science and Technology Minister Kong Cho Ha announced that all Malaysian news blogs will have to be registered with the Ministry of Information.

He justified this by stating the law was necessary to dissuade bloggers from promoting disorder in Malaysia's multi-ethnic society.

The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia is the government agency responsible for granting licenses to the films for commercial viewing.