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Given the handful of women (and men) in India who subscribe to a feminist political content in gender discourse, the task is daunting as the mechanisms for monitoring and ensuring accountability remain poor.

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In addition, it is essential for the achievement of sustainable development.Read more Looking for a good soulmate for my brother, he is a very simple and understanding person. I saw her profile and found some connection between us. From her side, she had accidentally clicked on the acc... ,to for making both of us meet of spend our live so get her with blissfulness.Looking for someone who will be willing to be with him for the rest of the life. Read more A little bit about myself - For me life is about now; this moment. I kept messaging her as she was not replying, but i dint loose hope. Never ever though that we would meet since we both are living in two different worlds and here was not means for us to meet until it happened, beca...The full participation and partnership of both women and men is required in productive and reproductive life, including shared responsibilities for the care and nurturing of children and maintenance of the household...The power relations that impede womens attainment of healthy and fulfilling lives operate at many levels of society, from the most personal to the highly public Achieving change requires policy and programme actions that improve womens access to secure livelihoods and economic resources, alleviate their extreme responsibilities with regard to housework, remove legal impediments to their participation in public life, and raise social awareness through effective programmes of education and mass communication [para 4.1, Chapter IV on Gender Equality, Equity and Empowerment of Women, Program of Action (POA), International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), 1994.] THE ICPD Programme of Action has been hailed as a path-breaking document in many respects, foremost being its radical paradigmatic shift from demographic imperatives to qualitative aspects among which, empowerment and rights of women, gender equality and equity play a major role.Born and raised in California, I uphold good moral values.

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Two, if policies do incorporate a gender language, in being ever watchful that they are not operationalised in a diluted and depoliticized form.

However, playing the faithful watchdog role has been fraught with complications and problems, as the language of gender has been subject to a free-play of dilution or rhetorification, to coin a new word.

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